The GAIA Network

The Gaia Network is a group that is interested in exploring the insights of Gaia Theory for wider society. By comparing how Gaia has expanded scientific horizons, we are interested in what the analogous expansion in perspective means for wider society. Obviously this is very much work in progress and we don’t pretend that we will so much find the answer, as to generate new ideas and help inspire our own work in our various spheres.

We first assembled in 2001 with Professor Mary Midgley as our Chair, and rather than impose a pre-conceived idea of how we would function, the structure of our activities was allowed to ‘emerge’.

We have around 3-4 meetings a year on looking at what a Gaian approach might mean for a particular topic.  Each meeting is focused by a convenor who sets the topic and produces a one-page briefing paper circulated a week in advance. S/he begins the actual meeting with a short presentation and the rest of the two hours consists of free-form discussion.

Past topics have included philosophy, psychology, conflict resolution, spirituality, law, local community action, education, climate change, economics, theatre, Buddhism, conservation, evolutionary theory, energy policy, the politics of Whitehall.

A book was published in 2007 based on the meetings called Earthy Realism. We are not expansionist but welcome anyone who is interested in attending who has an interest and understanding of earth systems perspectives and approaches.


Our committee:

Mary Midgley (Chair)

Susan Canney (Secretary)

Edward James

Anne Primavesi